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What you can do with

With our visually customizable engine, you can capture data from a huge range of documents. Check out some of the common use cases below.


Use’s pre-configured resume parser to capture data and create an excel file of candidates with all the basic attributes.

Invoice and Accounts Payable

Use’s visual platform to teach the app to capture data from your vendor invoices.

Insurance Policies

Insurtech companies, insurance brokers, insurance service providers can use to efficiently capture reliable information from insurance policy documents.

Sales & Delivery

Capture structured data from bills, sales orders, shipping orders, delivery notes, etc.

Financial Statements

Capture structured data from a variety of financial documents - cashflow statements, balance sheets, income statements, bank statements, credit card statements

PDF Forms

Processing of fillable PDF forms can be automated by capturing the relevant fields using our data capture engine

HR Documents

Apart from resumes, you can also capture data from standardized pay slips, application forms, reports, etc.

Product & Price Lists

Do you have a list of products/prices in a PDF or paper documents? Quickly export the data into an excel file - yes, it is as easy as it sounds!

Standardized Legal Contracts

Capture relevant information from standardized non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), rent agreements, insurance agreements and other types of legal contracts and agreements.

Your Documents

Even if your document types are not listed here, chances are that can handle them. If you’re unable to parse your documents, please let us know using our Contact Us page below.

" Thanks to for helping us digitise complex documents. All goes to a prompt and customer centric team. "

Peeyush Jain , Co-founder @ TrueCover

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